BIZnetworx has been a private communications resource for Canadian and international companies since 1985. The company operates in both linear and non-linear theatres in tradional and new media.

While most of the company's work is restricted by non-disclosure agreements, a few of its projects and clients have appeared in the public domain as a result of their primary and secondary target audiences and objectives.

Soon, one 'client' and one wholly-owned project will be launched in the public domain.

Phoenix Engineering has contracted BIZnetworx to design, direct, and execute the North American and world licensing release of its U.S. Patented 'Phoenix Machine'... an innovative technology and machine that will transform the world of geotechnical engineering by reversing decades of flawed thinking that have led to tailings dam failures, instability, under utilization, and groundwater pollution. The Phoenix Machine will correct past missteps and future failures by using site-specific designs incorporating combinations of vibrations and controlled water pressure changes to stabilize ponds, significantly reduce their volumes, extend their useful and design lives, as well as recover and cleanse their groundwater. Two marquee projects have been approached with offers to solve existing known problems of tailings stability, tailings volumes, water resources, and reclamation.

J*A*D*E, the owned project BIZnetworx will release in the near future, is an original language learning tool that will help non-native speakers learn to use English properly by letting them play detective in a virtual world. An 'agile' design is in place for the first release in the episodic series that will be packaged by an established Toronto studio for world release on browsers for mobile devices once single source funding is secured from a selected strategic partner. Presentations are in progress and developments will be reported as they occur.

In the past, BIZnetworx has delivered the following communications solutions...

"VCR-TV"... Video Corporate Reports appeared as a weekly business magazine on CNBC featuring Canadian companies looking to expand their U.S. market share.

"Linedrive Baseball"... the first interactive simulation of Major League Baseball featuring Hall of Fame pitchers, batters, and managers using real game footage to show imaginary plays that only happened in the console game's virtual world.

"The Wellness Report"... an original concept providing accredited health information to captive audiences in doctors' offices and hospital waiting rooms across North America utilizing sponsored content and free delivery.

"Business of Sports"... designed as a half-hour weekly program utilizing the advanced facilities of Dome Productions and the Canada-wide distribution of Dome's corporate partner, TSN, "Business of Sports" looked at the business decisions behind the major sports stories of the week.

Those are just a few of the solutions BIZnetworx has created. Our creative process takes a problem>>> solution approach, where the audience is the key and the solution is the most compelling way to deliver the intended message so the desired results are achieved. While the process draws on a wide array of resources, only a few clients are part of the creative process at the same time.

BIZnetworx does not solicit clients. In fact, this is our first website. If you would like BIZnetworx to focus its creative resources on the challenges your organization faces, tell us what you need... or think you need, and we will take a look at the situation and determine if we can help you achieve your current and future goals.